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Questions tagged [bullying]

For questions about bullying, defined as 'using superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something'.

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What should I do about a bully at work? [closed]

In my work, there is a person that disturbs me really harshly: he always bumps into my shoulder on purpose, he always curses me when he sees me, he always does from distance moves like he is punching ...
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3 answers

How do you deal with bullies?

What is the most effective way to stop bullying or cope with it? I am not asking about a fighting solution, since fighting gets you in trouble and is generally impossible to achieve 100% of the time. ...
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How to defend yourself when everything and everyone doesn't care/work?

Is there a kind of "last resort" for self defense? I have gone to the authorities, other people, and they haven't cared that I was getting beat up. I weigh very little compared to my ...
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How to take a beating from a bully?

I was wondering how to take a beating from someone who trains in MMA and Wrestling. There is this guy at my job who regularly follows me home and beats me. I need to know how to take this punishment ...
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How to shut down bullies? (Teenagers)

Many boys grow up wrestling and fighting—brothers are notorious for this—although it is not gender exclusive. As one gets older, what was a safe activity becomes increasingly perilous for a number of ...
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Martial arts to intimidate school bullies?

I need to intimidate them because I am at my tipping point now. I can no longer stand their bullying day in and day out. Which martial art is the best to learn to intimidate the school bullies?
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