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How to train your hands while working with punching/ boxing bag

In real life, when you need to fight you have no gloves. How can I train my hands for real life punching in fight. I read articles that claim that when working with punching/ boxing bag you have to ...
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Wearing weights while climbing stairs with jab & cross motions?

I have an odd request that I believe only people who train in martial arts or boxing might be able to answer. I climb the stairs in my highrise, going through either a jab or cross motion with each ...
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How can I make my knuckles harder? [duplicate]

Is there a way to make my knuckles harder, so if I punch someone I get less hurt and they get more hurt. Or if I miss and hit a rock the odds of breaking my knuckles is decreased? Is this possible, ...
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How will full contact fighting against ocean waves harden all forms of combat training? [closed]

I understand how conditioning our fists and shins against wood, concrete, and wood harden our martial art training for higher impact and force in our punches and kicks, but how will water, especially ...
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How do martial artists make stronger fingers via hot sand?

I have seen films in which a martial artist thrusts his fingers into hot sand. What is the name of this exercise and what are its benefits?
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Is hitting hard objects really effective in making bones harder?

In several martial arts (e.g. karate, muay thai), there are methods for toughening body parts (such as the fists or shins) by hitting them against hard objects. I am an amateur martial arts fan and ...
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