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Cross-training helps a martial artist to improve overall by training to an art or sport other than the one that practices.

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5 answers

Is learning some form of dancing beneficial to martial artists?

Currently, I am working on understanding the rhythm of movement of opponents so I can counter it efficiently. Could learning dancing help me to understand the rhythm of an opponent? Are there any ...
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3 answers

What are some supplimental training techniques which improve the practice of martial arts?

I'd like to find some specific physical training exercises to directly benefit my practice of martial arts (both unarmed and weapon). For example, I recently discovered weighted Indian clubs and ...
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9 votes
5 answers

Is it possible to become expert in different martial arts

If i start my career with one martial art and become mature in that, will that particular martial art become my expertise and will other martial arts always be secondary like a native language and ...
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