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Defense prevents attacks from being effective. Examples are evasion, blocking, redirection, and counterattacking.

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Defence in martial arts in general

Not saying I can always block every punch or kick that's thrown against me in sparring but why is it that you sometimes cannot block, parry or dodge an attack? Is it because I haven't trained the ...
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Defence against Wing Chun

What is the most effective defence against a Wing Chun practitioner? I know Wing Chun features punching quite heavily and has a very efficient defence itself but I am interested to know how to ...
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2 answers

The name of a throw where the tori starts from a headlock

I saw this throw demonstrated earlier today in a children's judo class. The tori starts in a headlock (or perhaps puts their own head into one), pushes their inside arm through to grab at the back of ...
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How to improve speed and footwork?

I always receive some very bad sidekicks when I try to go offensively while in kickboxing. Mainly because I try to make a jab with my right hand but the kick comes too fast (or I'm too slow) I have ...
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Resisting choke holds using throat tendons?

When I was a kid in my early teens, my parents got me to take up Judo. I remember little of it, but I do remember quite successfully resisting choke-hold attempts by tensing the neck down and the ...
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