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For questions relating to adapting martial arts to those with disabilities (physical, mental, temporary, permanent etc).

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2 answers

Should eyesight factor into the boxing stance a fighter chooses?

Standard procedure for most right-hand dominant fighters would suggest that they adopt an "orthodox" stance where their dominant hand is typically "in the back". But what if that same fighter is blind ...
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Disabled BJJ - worth a try?

I'm 43 and got myself a spinal cord injury 16 years ago that keeps me in a wheelchair most of the time. I can stand and walk with crutches and have some decent (for a quadriplegic) upper body mobility ...
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How can I practice any martial art if I have difficulty with motor and coordination skills?

I would like to practice a martial art full time for the sake of getting fit and dealing with my personal issues, but the problem is that I don't have much coordination with my body, and I can't ...
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Martial arts with cerebral palsy and forearm crutches

I'm looking for a martial art or combination of martial arts that do not require a lot of footwork to practice. I have cerebral palsy and walk with forearm crutches. I would like to learn martial arts ...
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Hip problems and roundhouse kick?

I am a brown belt in Higashi karate and I'm being put up for my black belt grading this year. However, one of the things my coach keeps mentioning to me is my poor roundhouse kick. I have always had ...
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Martial Arts with arthritis

So I've always been interested in martial arts since I was young but since I was 4 years old I've had arthritis. The key points to note are as follows: My arthritis is under control, however I'd ...
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Self-defense with hemiphlegia

I'm searching for a combat-technique that can be executed with only one arm and only one quick leg. Since I've become hemiphlegic two things changed: everything I knew about or/and had the skills ...
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Short leg issue and wide-soled shoe

My left leg is 3/4" shorter than my right leg. I have trained in Tae Kwon Do for 6 years and earned my first Dan. However barefoot training is becoming a real problem. Martial arts shoes all seem to ...
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Are students with disabilities tested differently?

I don't use testing when I teach; I observe and promote when students are ready (hopefully avoiding various observer effects). That said, I judge individuals based on their individual capabilities and ...
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