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How to improve disadvantageous positions where an opponent has control

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What is best way of getting out of a twin arm wrap?

A gang in town is using restraining methods commonly used by prison officers. They learnt this from experience in jail. They would use the common arm wrap and, if necessary, put the person on the ...
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Escapes from standing rear mount

It's rare to see but some MMA fights end with a rear naked choke where the victim is standing. What really stood out to me was how helpless they seemed once their opponent locked in a hook with one or ...
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Wrist lock counter attacks that won't injure my opponent

I do BJJ, NOT Hapkido or other martial arts that teach wrist locks. Sometimes when I am rolling, my opponent will grab a single wrist lock, not because they are trying to submit me or anything, but ...
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What do I do if an attacker grabs my breasts?

I read a lot of girls' stories about how some guy grabs their breast and she has to shove him off, or punch or kick him. The guys usually give up and run away in these stories. What do you do if they ...
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How to avoid being encircled by a body triangle?

The following sequence shows a fighter crossing his legs around the waist of his opponent. What could be some possible ways to avoid this situation? Once caught in it, how does one get out? To make ...
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How to release from Jiu Jitsu throw?

Please refer to video at 3:46. As can be seen one of the fighters lift the other guy and he twists his legs at the high point and release as he reaches the floor. What is this release called and ...
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Underwater Rear Naked Choke

I play waterpolo and while it is not often that I am blatantly choked out it has happened enough that I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for escaping a rear naked choke while underwater. The ...
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What drills are good to escape/break Spider Guard?

Mostly when I get stuck into the Spider Guard - me in standing position. Actions: I grab the legs; Move my creases of elbows/biceps inward; I take a step back [along with step 1 and 2]; Move his ...
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how to overcome "freeze"?

I have a grading coming up soon and one section of the test involves a series of wrist releases. Uke is supposed to grab me by the wrists several times and I need to display that I know and can ...
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What are some options for escaping full mount in BJJ?

I know the two most fundamental escapes: the "buck and roll" (upa) to and the shrimping knee-push guard recovery (in which you buck onto your side, push down on knee to get half guard, and work from ...
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