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Questions tagged [escrima]

Escrima is a term that encompasses several different styles of Filipino martial arts. It emphasizes use of weapons such as sticks or knives, though it also uses bare-handed techniques.

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8 votes
1 answer

Filipino martial arts question and teacher respect

Is learning one style of filipino martial arts such as modern arnis presas method with one teacher who you started training with first and also taking other styles such as Kali and Balintawok at ...
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1 answer

Panantukan numbered template?

In the Kali I've done, we do a 12 angle pattern for stick and knife. The knife pattern has some analogs to the stick pattern, but is not exactly the same due to the different capabilities of the ...
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8 votes
1 answer

What books of Escrima patterns that detail each step are available?

I know Escrima generally has minimal emphasis on forms, but that there are nevertheless some patterns associated with certain Escrima variants. Many more popular/formalized martial arts have books ...
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7 votes
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What methods are effective for increasing co-ordination on dual handed techniques?

I have recently begun practicing escrima, and I find it difficult to simultaneously wield two sticks while keeping co-ordination and rhythm. Are there some drills I could do on my own to improve my ...
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Do shock knives make a good 'training' alternative to real knives for knife fighting sparring?

Often when doing in knife fighting sparring, people tend to ignore that they've got cut. I've seen shock knives on the net, and they seem kind of interesting as they at least give feedback that you'...
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