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Is there a better way to force move someone to a destination than by grabbing each of that person's four limbs?

This is a situation I've already witnessed twice in my life. People responsible for ensuring safety and authorized to use force if necessary were detaining an uncooperative subject and forcibly moving ...
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Stepping on a spear as a counter, aka "mikiri" counter

Basically, the counter involves the target of the spear thrust to stomp onto of the spear with their foot as can be shown in this video clip from an old movie. This is described as the "mikiri counter"...
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Trick/Morph weapons aka weapons with different modes…

A trope in several media, such as Bloodborne and Bleach for example, is weapons that have two mode that can be switched.In case you have no idea what I am talking about, here is a transformation of a ...
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