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Is there a way to defense from man on the ground with gun while standing?

There is a situation, while fighting, your opponent falls down and draws out a gun. He is on the ground and you stand up. What is the offered solution for such a situation? Is there any? Is there a ...
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How to escape from a rear headlock while held at gunpoint?

Let's say I came across this kind of situation. What do I do?
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Do pistol disarming techniques work?

A few weeks ago I watched a YouTube video about disarming someone holding a pistol and decided to give the technique a try with my sparring partner. The technique was the most common we see in movies, ...
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Effective range of pistols?

What is the effective range of a 9mm semiautomatic pistol? How does recoil affect time/accuracy of subsequent shots? Interested in: Range of untrained person Range of average marksman Range of expert ...
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Indoors firearms permanent hearing damage [closed]

What permanent hearing loss results from shooting indoors (2-3 shots)? Pistol, revolver, SMG, carabine, hunting rifle? No ear protection.
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One-handed guard?

I have a couple of wildly different use cases for this: home invasion, pistol at the hip, purpose of the guard is to make space and prevent punching and grappling street assault, purpose of the guard ...
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What is the proper technique to draw a gun?

I've been toying with an airsoft pistol. The mental context is reacting to a home invasion a la Memento: multiple armed but misinformed that the flat is going to be empty assailants, very aggressive ...
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2 answers

Countermeasures against firearm disarms

Some of the countermeasures I can typically think of include gaining distance as much as possible. But this is the most naive thing to carry out. Even employing modifications to the grip and ...
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How can I practice shooting for a combat situation?

I realize that it's impossible to simulate a combat situation. But I think that shooting at target practice is wildly different from shooting under duress when lives are on the line. How can someone ...
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Why are firearms not part of the martial arts world?

Systems of martial arts utilize of variety of weapons that include polearms, blades, and blunt objects among others. While Systema and some branches of ninpo budo taijutsu include firearms as part of ...
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What kind of damage can your hand get from holding the barrel of a fired gun when disarming it?

I have a background mostly in Krav Maga and ICS (Israeli Combat System), and one of the techniques taught for disarming a gun, involves grabbing the barrel of the gun and pushing it to the side before ...
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