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Striking with a closed fist

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Waist and the horse in one

From the 1972 martial arts film "The Way of the Dragon" written, directed and acted by Bruce Lee. It was also mentioned in the dialogue between Zhou Xingchi and Wu Mengda in " Shaolin ...
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What self defense would everyone recommend to a fighter forced to fight with two broken fist?

I know a self-defense fighter who broke both fists fighting. What self-defense techniques would everyone recommend to a fighter forced to fight with two broken fists?
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What technique should I use for hand wrappings?

There are so many techniques to be found on the internet. At the Uni (where I train kickboxing), they just refer to the internet. I keep on winding up with crappy hand wrappings. The one that stays ...
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How should I expect my fist to change over time from punching?

My knuckles were at one point fairly pointy, with deep valleys between them. I noticed after a while that the first two knuckles (where I generally strike with) have flattened out slightly. I can even ...
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Wing chun modification with only palm heel strikes?

Wing chun seems to be very effective style. But why they are using so much punches (like chain punch)? Punching can lead to serious injuries and is not as effective as palm strikes. Look at this video:...
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