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Footwork refers to the placement of feet into "correct positions" for a martial art. Most martial art footwork attempts to provide balance and stability. Use this tag when your question is about footwork, and add another tag to specify which school or type of martial art the footwork applies to.

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Sliding the Feet in Contact With the Ground

Some techniques in hapkido are practiced with a foot sliding along the ground or remaining in contact with the ground. For example, in a sequence we call a stepping pattern, it isn't uncommon to step ...
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11 votes
9 answers

How to improve speed and footwork?

I always receive some very bad sidekicks when I try to go offensively while in kickboxing. Mainly because I try to make a jab with my right hand but the kick comes too fast (or I'm too slow) I have ...
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Muay Thai Stance Footwork: Slide Step vs March Step

I noticed that the footwork is more Step and Slide in MMA, Western Muay Thai, and Kickboxing. However in Muay Thai Traditional, its more step step and march march (no sliding in Traditional). Rather ...
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