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Questions tagged [grading]

Anything to do with the act of awarding a grade. This can include study, preparation, the examination itself, or teaching related to grades.

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How does the Judo Kyu graduation system work in Chile?

How does the Judo Kyu graduation system of the FEDERACIÓN DE JUDO DE CHILE work for kids and adults? And which ranks are there?
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Founder of a martial arts system passed away. How can current Black Belts move up in the system?

I and a few other Black Belts are the last generation of a martial arts system. The founder was a Grandmaster who created his system that took roughly 40 plus years to create. However, he passed away ...
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How to test teacher's ability?

The nature of teaching is that the student trusts the teacher to have the skill that the teacher teaches. This is usually proved by the teacher being authenticated, probably by having reputation or a ...
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Is there a realistic way to prepare yourself for the Bujinkan Ninjutsu Godan Test?

In this video, the tested person has to foresee a sword attack from their back and evade it. Are there any ways to train yourself for such a test? Can a human-being "feel" and foresee ...
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Why do kids have different belts in BJJ?

I hear a lot of people asking why kids seem to have different belts than adults do (specifically 16 and up). The adult belts go white, blue, purple, brown, and black. The kids belt go white, grey, ...
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How to train for 1st Dan Blackbelt testing in Taekwondo [closed]

I’m 61 yo. I’m training for my 1st dan TKD test in May. I am focusing on cardio for endurance, I also review my forms at least once a day even if just in my head... I try to watch what I eat, sleep ...
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Why is the first dan called shodan, as opposed to ichidan?

Subsequent dan grades in judo are named numerically nidan (二段), sandan (三段) etc, but the first grade is called shodan (初段) "beginning grade". Is there a particular reason for this as opposed to the ...
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Is there a martial art where exams can be taken at will?

It's standard in most arts that access to rank/belt exams is restricted in some way. In many cases, there are minimum waiting periods between exams, and in some dojos, an exam can only be attempted ...
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Taekwondo belts and their rankings [duplicate]

What are the rankings of the 6 taekwondo belts and how long does it take to get those belts?
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Sparring against two opponents test

For later Kups, one of the belt test items is sparring against two opponents at the same time. What is being tested with this, and what would be a proper tactic to pass it?
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Is there any maximum time for staying in a belt in BJJ?

Last week, I started to go to a new BJJ academy after a while without any training. When we started rolling, I asked to the guy that was rolling against me for how much time he was training. Since he ...
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Black Belt - 2 Schools

My son attends a taekwondo school, who in my opinion is a diploma mill. I have seen many students with black belts who are lacking skills that are fundamental to earning a black belt. The dilemma is, ...
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If I'm 12 and a white belt, what belt will I be when I turn 18? [duplicate]

I'm 12 and I started BJJ 2 months ago, and I've been wondering if by the time I'm 18 will I still be in the kids category of belts? According to my math, a yellow belt?
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Burnout or boredom in martial arts class

I've been training in Karate for a few years and have managed to make my way up to 1st Kyu. I could probably do my Shodan grading in about a years time. The thing is I'm starting to get very bored ...
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How to deal with pressure in a grading

So I have just done my purple belt grading in JJJ, the current syllabus it went mostly fine - but hard, a lot of throws and randori etc, then we moved to back catalogue This is where things start to ...
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What do I need to promote someone to Taekwondo dan rank under the Kukkiwon?

What are the rules set by the Kukkiwon on who can promote others to black belt ranks (Dan for 15 years old and over, Poom for under 15 years old)? Can individual instructors do it?
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What is the name of this style? (Karate maybe?)

I've seen this video around a fair bit, but I can't find much background about who / what organization / style it is?
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What adult BJJ belt would a junior blue belt receive upon turning 16? [duplicate]

My son started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the age of 5. Assuming he continues this, what belt should he receive once he is in the adult class? According to the belt chart, it would be blue or ...
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What Level Of Expertise Did Theodore Roosevelt Have In Judo?

During his tenure as president, Theodore Roosevelt held a third-degree brown belt in Judo (according to Wikipedia). I know that in standard ranking systems, a third-degree brown belt is just below ...
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Junior BJJ belt conversion when one becomes an adult

Junior BJJ belts are different from adult ones. How are they converted when a junior becomes an adult? So let's say I'm 15 and have Orange belt. When I turn 17 should I start from White again or will ...
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What are good questions to ask for a black belt testing?

I am a 4th Degree in American Karate. The dojo I have recently become a part of has a number of Black Belt candidates, and I will be serving on the panel. I don't have much experience attending black ...
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Are students with disabilities tested differently?

I don't use testing when I teach; I observe and promote when students are ready (hopefully avoiding various observer effects). That said, I judge individuals based on their individual capabilities and ...
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