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1 answer

How can a lightweight weak girl overcome a weighty man pushing her down on the floor?

Consider 1:30. Let me know if you have another better video of this martial art falling technique. But pretend that white shirt sturdy, weighty man attacks me wickedly and spitefully. and that ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What is the name of this ne waza?

What is the name of this ne waza? Youtube transcript from commentator: The attacker drops down to a drop [knee] seoi. It fails, keeps pulling his opponent down. Once it ...
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5 votes
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Is getting on your back a good stalling tactic or was Kazushi Sakuraba an anomaly?

In almost all the MMA fights I've watched, nobody seemed happy on their backs. Being good at BJJ can turn this into a plus if the opponent is a lot worse at groundfighting and is trapped in your guard,...
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Advice: what move will you chain after scissor leg trip?

Assuming you successfully applied scissor leg tip, and now your opponent is on his back, with your legs around him, like on the image: What move will you recommend afterwards?
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What is the best way to compensate for lack of training partners when training at home?

We can get instruction from online videos and can practice forms and basic strikes easily enough. Partners for pair work are hard to substitute though. Partners for grappling even more so. What ...
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