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How to practice martial arts for well-being, mental and physical fitness.

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Does a knockout punch always carry the risk of killing the receiver?

As a hobby I wrote a short story where Character A wanted Character B unconscious for a few hours and to this end A punched B to the chin. A reader, who claimed she was a doctor, said this was a ...
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Should people that are hypermobile/injury-prone avoid BJJ?

This is a question following this post: Double jointed martial arts? I wanted to ask @Philip Klöcking about this, but could not comment as I did not have the reputation points. I have been double ...
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Does finger strengthening really destroy your manual dexterity?

Does finger strengthening really destroy your manual dexterity? How bad is this? May it become a noticeable problem before you develop those Okinawan nail-like fingers? My interphalangeal thumb joint ...
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Should I do both BJJ & Taek-won-do weekly? [duplicate]

I’ve been practicing BJJ for a few months now. Does anyone have any expertise with what’s best for gaining skill if both martial arts were to be combined weekly? Q: Should I continue my BJJ and bring ...
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Martial arts for teen with arthritis

I’ve been diagnosed with arthritis since I was around 13. Now I’m 15 but my arthritis is in a pretty harsh condition. It affects my ankles, wrists and spine but I have learned how to work around it. ...
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Are there specific martial arts that can help with (or at least not aggravate) sciatica?

My fitness level and flexibility are fairly poor and I would like to find a martial art that is complementary with yoga to help improve my overall physical wellbeing. Are there specific martial arts ...
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Which martial arts styles work best with social distancing?

Yesterday, I saw a woman and a young boy sporting their TKD gear, shopping after class. I wondered what their school was doing to meet social distancing guidelines. Wear a mask? Probably, not. Stand ...
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BJJ bloodborne diseases

I've never been in a fight in my life and never had interest in any form of contact sports before. Something about BJJ really interests me. Maybe it's the self-defense aspect, or making myself ...
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How do martial arts relate to squatting?

From Gut: Throughout much of Asia, Africa, and southern Europe, people squat briefly over such toilets in a kind of martial arts or downhill skiing pose to poo. I understand the concept, but how ...
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How do I become ready for Tae Kwan Do after not training for a month?

I was practicing for a Sweet Sixteen for 1 month. Throughout the month, I was stressed out and I had a minimum amount of time to train. Since the Sweet Sixteen finished, I haven't been in my Tae Kwan ...
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Preventing Muscle Soreness on a Budget? [duplicate]

What is a good way to prevent muscle soreness while training and exercising if you lack professional help and facilities? I guess you could just fill the tub with cold water and some ice-cubes, and ...
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Relation between martial arts and psychodelics?

I had my trip on LSD a few weeks ago. Every since, my fighting style has been EXPONENTIALLY climbing up. Not to mention my levels of energy, or my body awareness. I now need no trainers telling me ...
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Martial arts based on throws

I used to train kickboxing for about a year. Recently my eye doctor told me I may be susceptible to retinal detachment and advised against training. I will still be working a bag from time to time, ...
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Trying to find a martial art that fits

I'm 22, I did 2 years of wrestling in school, and I played football, and started some home boxing training (taught by my dad's friend who is a D.I. in the army) that I've been doing since I was 13. ...
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Do Martial artists live longer

I am not sure if there is any evidence/ studies done out there, but do martial artists live longer than your average Joe?. I do get that the fitness involved in Martial arts will help, however the ...
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Do you take supplements like protein when you train in Martial Arts?

I've just begin training in Judo but I strength train independently. After gym workouts, I drink a protein drink to help with recovery and muscle growth. Does anyone else take protein or any other ...
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Does practising judo increase the likelihood of sustaining a brain injury?

Judo is a sport which involves throws. Most throws in shiai are not very clean. In Judo, the uke (throw receiver) may land head first. I am concerned that such head first landings may potentially ...
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Do martial arts encourage bad posture habits?

Do martial arts encourage bad posture habits? After years of practicing and sparring, my wife and I noticed that my posture when walking has changed drastically in a bad way. I constantly slouch when ...
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Is this shaolin tutorial any good for self-study?

I want to practice Kungfu/Shaolin to increase my stamina. I'm a software engineer and spent much time in front of a computer. I feel I'm very weak. I'm easily tired, easily depressed. I found this ...
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Are there any styles that are geared to people over 61?

I am a 61 year old black belt and have been in and out of the martial arts. I have searched many styles looking for a style geared to Karate for people like me. Over the years I became disgusted with ...
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Reducing Soreness?

I have been doing martial arts (kickboxing/BJJ) for 3 months now. In that time frame, I have worked up my body from going from 2 days to 3 days a week. I want to work up to 4/5 days a week, with a ...
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What are the long term health consequences of practising judo?

I'm starting to think getting smashed into the ground on a regular basis might not be too good for the body.
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Training Footwork for people with knee issues

I've frequently seen that the difference between exacerbating and at least not-further-harming knees can come down to proper stances and footwork. For example, I emphasize not pushing the knee past ...
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How to safely harden the inner thigh

I recently started kick-boxing training and last time there was an exercise in which we had to deliver low round kicks to the partner's outer and inner thigh. The kicks were half power and I did not ...
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Martial arts for building self confidence

I am a heavy built 180 pound 6 feet 2 inches guy. The problem however is that I have very little self confidence in my own health and strength. I catch colds easily, and can't eat all types of foods, ...
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Suggestions after breaking ankle

I am a black belt in Tang Soo Do. I broke my ankle, snapped it clean off. Now I have a metal plate in there, and it's extremely sensitive to touch. I can no longer properly form a side kick with that ...
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Are martial arts helpful in dealing with pain from a sedentary lifestyle?

I am a research scholar and I have to dedicate a lot of time everyday in front of the computer. This leads to pain in my knees and shoulder. I consulted with doctors and they suggested me some ...
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How likely is serious injury in martial arts practice?

What and how big negative consequences might martial arts lead to? I was very interested in martial arts when I was younger, and I am still interested. However, I have chosen not to train any martial ...
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What martial arts cultural remedies are there to avoid and relieve soreness?

Are there any secrets that come from the hidden, secret, traditional world of martial arts (you may smile), that could be taken or applied before or after extensive sessions to prevent, lessen or ...
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How bad is kickboxing for your brain?

I'm not asking for medical advice, I'm just asking this out of sheer curiosity: To me it seems that kickboxing is the best kind of workout I could get, nothing else gets me in shape quite as quickly ...
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What aspects of health does form-based tai chi improve?

Similar to other practices--strength training, physical therapy, running, et cetera--we can evaluate the effectiveness of tai chi for improving fitness, mobility, strength, and other health markers. ...
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Can I practice any of the martial arts after a hernia surgery? [closed]

I am diagnosed with Inguinal Hernia. I'm 21 years old, so the doctor said he cannot predict whether it's going to be a 'mesh' or a 'sewn-up' repair. I am very interested in martial arts - especially ...
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What martial art should I start with?

Young male, not looking for anything specific, but I am a huge fan of MMA in general. (not just the UFC/SF) What would be a good beginner martial art for both fitness and relevancy to watching MMA/...
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How does one mentally push past pain in training?

Big part of my training is maintaining control of your body even though I feel physical pain. There are usually two situations, in physical pain while still having energy to fight, and in physical ...
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How are joints affected in the long term by martial arts practice?

When doing certain exercises, I get the feeling that they would cause stress on the joints after doing them for years and years (such as elbow joints in the instance of wing chun chain punches). ...
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What are good exercises for strengthening knees to hold stances better?

About a year ago I suffered a major knee injury and while I have been cleared to return to the dojo and train, I still have some weakness in the knee. What are some good exercises to strengthen the ...
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How dangerous is it to choke someone unconscious or to be choked unconscious?

A little background: I was practicing with my instructor one morning. It was just him and me and we were doing free training of submission grappling. At one point I managed to get him in a choke ...
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What's the best way to stop a nose bleed quickly?

I tend to suffer a number of these in training. Various people have various ideas on ways to quickly stop the bleed. Is there a well researched way to quickly stop a nose bleed?
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