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Japanese martial art focusing on drawing a sword

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Traditional Japanese shop for iaito

I’m living in Europe and I’m trying to find a shop for buying an iaito. I already know about Tozando, but I would like some place less “international” and more traditional. I have searched around ...
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Help learning Japanese Weapon Martial Arts?

I'm in the unfortunate position that I'm interested in Japanese martial arts employing weapons, but there aren't any teachers/dojos in my are that I can go to. And the ones that are far away aren't ...
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Japanese Short Sword Kata

I want to practice a sword kata indoors. I have a bokken, but my ceiling is too low for me to use it indoors. Because of this, I am considering acquiring a wakizashi bo. From this point, I see two ...
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Can Iaido help one's Aikido?

I practice Aikido Iwama Ryu which has a strong weapons emphasis. I often have trouble centering as I get too tense and I suppose I try too hard. Anyway I love weapons and was wondering if Iaido can ...
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Kendô, iaidô, jôdô, battodô, chanbara... Which one should I pick?

I stopped practising judô and jiu-jitsu some years ago, at a blue belt level, because I wasn't enjoying this martial art as much as I used to. However, I still love the philosophy of it, and would ...
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Is iaido a martial art by itself? Or is it just a complement to kendo?

Question w/background: Hi, I'm interested in practicing Iaido, mostly because of the mental aspect of it. After some research, I got to the conclusion that iaido can be considered as meditation in ...
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Joining a new dojo, would this be inappropriate?

I have just discovered there is an Aikido dojo in our neighborhood. They do Iaido, but that’s listed under the weapons training. It says on the web site: “After training at XXX dojo for a minimum of ...
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What's the difference between Iaijutsu and Iaido?

For what I've been found, this two arts have some similarities, but I can't fully understand it, this is pretty much the definition of each. Iaido: The art of sword drawing. All katas begin and end ...
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Why do different shapes of bokken exist?

Bokken are supposed to mimic/represent a katana for training purpose. There are suburi bokken which are heavier than normal to train muscles and develop power. But why are there different shapes of '...
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What are the differences between iaido and kendo?

I don't understand the differences between Iaido and Kendo. If I compare any other Japanese martial art, like Karatedo and Judo, the differences are obvious. Why are there two different Japanese ...
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