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A Filipino martial art centered around weapons. Weapons include stick, knife, and sword. Empty-handed techniques are considered an extension of armed techniques.

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A.C.T vs Filipino martial arts

What is the difference between A.C.T. (Armed Combat and Tactics) and other Filipino martial arts? What is the emphasis in A.C.T?
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Filipino martial arts question and teacher respect

Is learning one style of filipino martial arts such as modern arnis presas method with one teacher who you started training with first and also taking other styles such as Kali and Balintawok at ...
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Is there any special term for eskrima sticks?

Is there any special name for eskrima sticks? Like in aikido there is bokken, jo, tanto, is there some original name for the sticks other than just "sticks"? I only know the term sinawali, but this ...
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Blisters from sticks

I am a beginner at arnis/kali/eskrima. every meeting, I always expect some blisters on my palm and finger, especially after hitting the tires with the stick. I won't quit just because of blisters, ...
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Panantukan numbered template?

In the Kali I've done, we do a 12 angle pattern for stick and knife. The knife pattern has some analogs to the stick pattern, but is not exactly the same due to the different capabilities of the ...
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