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A collection of empty-handed martial arts originating in Okinawa, Japan.

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Adjustable dumbells instead of Chi Ishi

I've been trying to practice the Hojo Undo exercises as part of my karate training. I've been following a book (Art of Hojo Undo) for this and have found it useful especially the makiwara and nigiri ...
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What's the name of the Shorin Ryu technique that's most like upward palm block?

I'm asking because I noticed this technique in Wu Mei that looks exactly like it. I'd like to see the Shorin bunkai for this technique.
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Author of Kata Diagrams

Does anyone know who has made these diagrams? I reckon that it was a published in German, so the author is probably from Germany.
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Kyokushin in India?

I have been looking for some trusted Masters of Kyokushin in India, but so far I have found only a few dojos in India with different versions of Kyokushin. Recently I learned about the splitting of ...
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