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Questions tagged [knees]

The care of the knee joint or its use as a weapon or target.

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5 votes
2 answers

What strategies can a fighter implement to shield the outer knee from injuries caused by opponents’ strikes?

I have good knees. Given that repeated impacts to the outer knee can lead to lateral collateral ligament injuries, what defensive strategies can a Karate or Muay-Thai fighter employ to protect this ...
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2 answers

Martial Arts without jump kicks

I have been doing Taekwondo for years. Now I'm looking for a martial art that doesn't do jump kicks. Regular kicks are fine. I have problems with my knees so anything with jump kicks, low knee bends, ...
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2 answers

What kind of protector to use when sparring?

Some of my friends got long term knee injuries because of sparring (and some of them because of motorcycle accident). It makes them can't fully do footwork like before, e.g. doing high kick or jump. ...
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Kicking after ACL Reconstruction

I was wondering if anyone who has gone through an ACL recon, specifically with an allograft, could say when they started moving freely again. By moving freely, I mean kicking with both legs and shadow ...
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9 answers

What techniques exist for blocking knees in a clinch?

During the clinch or just prior to the clinch the opponent very often throws knees to the torso area. I am not considering whether the opponent has managed to pull the head down for knees to head. ...
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Training Footwork for people with knee issues

I've frequently seen that the difference between exacerbating and at least not-further-harming knees can come down to proper stances and footwork. For example, I emphasize not pushing the knee past ...
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