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Refers to straight swords of a certain length, meant to be wielded primarily with two hands. Can be used for for Historic European or Historic Chinese fencing.

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How is it feasible to wear a proper sword on your back?

We all know this common trope in fantasy that expert swordmen and heroes wear their swords sheathed on their backs. Question is: how?! I do own a longsword, blade length about 30 inches. The typical ...
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Is a Japanese Katana traditionally used differently from a European Longsword?

A Katana is a single bladed two handed curved sword originating from Japan. A Longsword or Bastard Sword is a double bladed two handed straight sword originating from various European countries. Many ...
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What European longsword schools use blades sharpened the entire length?

I've been noticing a lot of interest in ricasso work. This makes sense when facing polearms, where you need more leverage — there's even a theory in Asian sword that the two handed sword techniques ...
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