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Refers to straight swords of a certain length, meant to be wielded primarily with two hands. Can be used for for Historic European or Historic Chinese fencing.

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How does Long Guard intercept weapon knock off?

Although longsword is also of interest to me, the focus of the question is sword and buckler duel scenario. To me the long guard with sword and buckler was taught event shorter and lower than in the ...
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How is it feasible to wear a proper sword on your back?

We all know this common trope in fantasy that expert swordmen and heroes wear their swords sheathed on their backs. Question is: how?! I do own a longsword, blade length about 30 inches. The typical ...
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Is a Japanese Katana traditionally used differently from a European Longsword?

A Katana is a single bladed two handed curved sword originating from Japan. A Longsword or Bastard Sword is a double bladed two handed straight sword originating from various European countries. Many ...
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What European longsword schools use blades sharpened the entire length?

I've been noticing a lot of interest in ricasso work. This makes sense when facing polearms, where you need more leverage — there's even a theory in Asian sword that the two handed sword techniques ...
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