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Mental training exercises, whether lying down, sitting, standing, or moving

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What is the oldest known record of meditation?

Meditation is when you focus your attention on a clear mind. You eliminate thoughts that may be distracting and cause stress. I meditate for around 30 minutes a day, it is a great way to prepare for ...
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Help learning Japanese Weapon Martial Arts?

I'm in the unfortunate position that I'm interested in Japanese martial arts employing weapons, but there aren't any teachers/dojos in my are that I can go to. And the ones that are far away aren't ...
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Meditative yet effective martial art

During the quarantine I have started doing some Tai Chi before going to bed. It really helps as a form of meditation and I love that it has a fighting aspect to it as I am fascinated by the parallels ...
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Can meditation improve someone's reaction time?

I want to know applications of meditation for martial arts. Specifically, I am asking if meditation can help me to enter a flow state (be in the zone).
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Should pole standing (zhan zhuang) be on front or back of the foot?

When pole standing, should my weight be balanced more on my heel (where I feel it works my thigh muscles), or the ball of my foot (where it seems to work more my lower leg)?
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Where to concentrate exactly during meditation? [closed]

In a chance I had read 'Mindfulness in Plain English' by the Buddhist monk Venerable H.Gunaratana Mahathera. It says "After joining inhaling with exhaling,fix your mind on the point where you feel ...
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How can I use mindfulness to regain focus during Muay Thai?

Focus concerns during Muay Thai drills I'm quite fixated on the cognitive level of martial arts and as I'm doing beginner Muay Thai at present - I'll narrow the scope only to mindfulness practice on ...
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Learning breathing while meditating

Recenlty I had sit down with my sensei and he was explaining to me how to meditate in seiza. The only thing I'm unclear on is how should I compress the air into my center while breading in. He said ...
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Harnessing emotion during sparring

I find that sometimes when I'm sparring, particularly if I'm sparring someone around my own level of ability, I can get quite riled up - particularly if I take a heavy hit. This gives me a serious ...
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How to meditate after an adrenaline rush or exertion?

I always find it difficult to concentrate and empty my mind when I have just had argument with someone or have done very tough physical training. What are good pre-meditation techniques to find the ...
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