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Mixed martial arts permits both striking and grappling techniques, drawing from boxing, wrestling, Brazilian jiujitsu, muay thai, and several other styles. The term mixed martial arts was coined in 1995 to describe the fighting style emerging from the Ultimate Fighting Championship competitions.

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Is getting on your back a good stalling tactic or was Kazushi Sakuraba an anomaly?

In almost all the MMA fights I've watched, nobody seemed happy on their backs. Being good at BJJ can turn this into a plus if the opponent is a lot worse at groundfighting and is trapped in your guard,...
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How to Tie Martial Arts Headgear for Boxing, Muay Thai, etc

Does anyone have Step by Step instructions on how to tie boxing head gear? Enclosed below are two pieces. Can someone post 4-5 picture instructions on how to tie and lace properly? When it came out of ...
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How did removal of the gi affect contemporary MMA?

Did it remove an advantage for BJJ and Judo players? If so, can it be said to have beneficial for those arts, forcing the competitors to do what they do with having a tool?
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Does Left Cross Punch exist for Orthodox stance fighters?

Being an orthodox stance fighter, there is a "right cross" that counteracts an opponent left jab. Does a "left cross" also exist for orthodox fighters? It would seem to counteract ...
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Why hasn't there been more crossover from Muay Thai to MMA?

Despite Muai Thai being a staple for striking literature in MMA, there is surprisingly little representation of fighters who used to compete in Muai Thai circuits. A few exceptions would be UFC's ...
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