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The ability to move the body with agility. For questions about range of motion in particular joints, use the tag flexibility.

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Leg side raises with lordosis [closed]

i put my back out years ago and have abit of lordosis. One problem i have with my legs is a severe lack of mobility when lifting my legs to the side. It's like a combination of a lack of strength and/...
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Okinawan karate (or other style?) more suited for Karate-ka with injuries?

My background is Shotokan karate, with lower stances and nowadays more stylised than traditional karate (forgive my over-generalisation). I have recently been looking at other styles of karate, and ...
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It makes sense to develop explosive forward movement? [closed]

I was wondering if an explosive forward movement can help in self defense to counter-attack an opponent, or to simply get to him before he surprises you with a weapon, or before he can even use the ...
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How should one physically prepare for BJJ?

Often I'm out of training because of a lack of schools around where I'm living. But when I can, I train Brazilian jiujitsu. During those times of no combat sports training, what kind of strength, ...
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Drills for training agility - cross art

I'm trying to shake up both my training and my teaching a bit, as I think I've gotten a bit "stale" in both. I want to incorporate various drills and exercises to work on agility, foot work and ...
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What are the ankles good for, relative to stance work and mobility?

What are the ankles good for? What is their most efficient use? I posited, somewhere else, that they are good to absorb the energy generated from moving out of a stance. In martial practice, how can ...
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I have very little toe flexibility - are there other front kicks I can use?

I have very limited mobility in my toe joints, to the extent that I can't pull my toes back the way you need to to perform a front kick, so currently the only forward kicks I know I can manage are axe ...
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