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For questions about martial arts originating from Okinawa, or the Okinawan language

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Heavy weapons training in Okinawan Kobudo for hip emphasis?

I remember reading an article a while back that said something along the lines of, "traditional Okinawan Kobudo derived a lot of power form the hips. Modern fighters use lighter bos, and especially ...
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Philosphy and history of Okinawan Karate

I've recently started stufdying Goju Ryu. I have some training and a black belt in a few other styles. One of the things that I miss with some masters here is their lack of historical and ...
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Okinawan karate (or other style?) more suited for Karate-ka with injuries?

My background is Shotokan karate, with lower stances and nowadays more stylised than traditional karate (forgive my over-generalisation). I have recently been looking at other styles of karate, and ...
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Is Tomari-Te a valid type of Okinawan (Ryukyu) Kempo?

George Dillman claims to teach Ryukyu (Okinawan) Kempo Tomari-te. The theory here is that there were three villages teaching Kempo: Naha, Shuri, and Tomari. I have heard that Tomari really did not ...
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Did Karate really originate in the Okinawa region of Japan?

Several Karate instructors I've spoken to indicate that Karate originated in the Okinawa region of Japan. However, when visiting the region and speaking to some of the local Karate students, they ...
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