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Use for martial arts events in the Olympics, both ancient and modern

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Qualify for Olympic Judo

How do you qualify to participate in Olympic Judo? How does the world ranking system contribute to a Judoka's qualifications? What power does a country have to select its participants?
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Taekwondo: Is it too late to start TKD at 14 and still become an Olympian?

I’ve done research and a bunch of other people start at around 6 years old. I want to start it and hopefully make it to the Olympics and I’m willing to train every single day by myself. If I start ...
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Why were leg grabs removed from competitive judo?

As of 20101 the IJF made it illegal to grab the legs or trousers during direct attacks in tachi-waza, and as of 2013 it is illegal to touch the legs whatsoever during tachi-waza. I have heard multiple ...
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Why is wrestling considered an Olympic sport whereas karate and kung fu are just considered martial arts?

Wrestling is a self defence martial art and also an (Olympic) game which audiences sit and watch. Other martial arts like karate are the same - with a martial/self-defence and sport component, so why ...
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Why was Wrestling scheduled to be removed from the Summer Olympic Games?

I recently noticed that Wrestling was scheduled to be removed from the 2020 Summer Olympics. In the meantime, the International Olympic Committee has reversed this decision; the 125th IOC Session ...
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Why is there no sport called martial arts at the Olympics?

Currently, there is a cap of 28 sports possible at the Summer Olympics, with unique events being lumped under the sport umbrella (Winter Olympics do not have the same restriction as yet). Some ...
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Why do the 2020 Summer Olympics have Kata but not Poomsae?

According to Wikipedia, the 2020 Summer Olympics will feature karate, and it will include Kata. However, tae kwon do has been an Olympic sport since the 1980s and it obviously does not include Poomse, ...
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How different is Olympic Taekwondo from traditional Taekwondo? And how similar are Olympic Taekwondo and Karate? [closed]

The Olympic sport of Tae Kwon Do is conducted under a particular set of rules that were (in my understanding) developed relatively recently. The actual conduct of an Olympic Tae Kwon Do fight doesn't ...
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What submissions are not allowed in competitive Judo?

After watching a number of matches during the Olympics it seemed like a lot of opportunities for submissions weren't even pursued. In the matches I observed I only saw two legitimate submission ...
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How is the scoring determined in Judo for the Olympics?

I've been watching the Olympic Judo matches and I'm confused. I know that ippon is an instant win. And 2 waza-ari are the equivlent of an ippon. But then there is another number associated with the ...
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Can a Judo athlete compete in more than one weight class in the Olympics?

I am specifically speaking about the London 2012 games. I am not asking if any athletes are doing this, just whether it is technically permitted. Wikipedia says nothing, but this was allowed in ...
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Criteria for a Martial Art to be considered as an olympic sport?

The title pretty much explains it. What criteria have to be met for a martial art to be considered for inclusion in the Olympics. I understand that there has to be some semblance of international ...
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