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Why is a single armlock common in depictions of pankration but not in modern MMA?

The sport pankration in the ancient Greek Olympics is similar to today's mixed martial arts in that it restricted only a few particularly damaging attacks so that competitors will use a mix of stand-...
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Have hammer fists been used in Boxing?

Here I'm asking about Western boxing specifically, both in terms of the modern & contemporary sport, and historical European boxing (John L. Sullivan and earlier.) Is the hammer fist used in ...
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How dangerous was ancient Pankration?

In this ancient European form of MMA, maiming and fatalities were not unheard of, likely because many forms of the sport had so few rules, and it arose as a sport in a warrior culture, when people ...
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Most reliable/effective finger locks?

Jujutsu, Chin-na, and Aikido all have excellent finger locks. Which are the most effective? What are most reliable finger locks? Also interested in pinky locks specifically b/c that's the weakest ...
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How important is leaning in Boxing?

We think about the fists but not as much about the other aspects, such as footwork and dodging. When I think of waist in boxing, I think of Ali with his arms limp, leaning back just enough for his ...
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Would a Pankration Fighter be allowed in UFC?

Would a Pankration fighter be allowed in the UFC? If so, how would he be able to fend off other foes who use Karate, Muay Thai and Krav maga?
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Are Systema and Pankration similar to each other?

Is Systema a modern version of Pankration? The ancient style is very loose in the rules. Except that for Systema, there are weapons included, it is also quite loose in restrictions and practical for ...
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