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For questions related to how physiology relates to practice of martial arts, which is the practice of using ones body to attack and defend.

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What scientific basis is there to support that our centre of gravity should be the yongquan?

According to Damo Mitchell's Daoist Nei Gong, most people's centre of gravity is the heel, while a four-legged animal's body weight goes through the legs into the front part of the foot only. We "...
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What is happening physiologically when the whole body violently shakes during standing qigong?

The very first time I did standing qigong (8 postures held for 5 minutes each, totalling 40 minutes), my arms and legs started to violently shake, not necessarily at the same time, and then there were ...
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How critical is tendon strength?

There's lots of literature, advice, and hearsay out there on muscle strength, flexibility, etc., Comparatively little is available for the tendons in regards to martial arts. Knowing more about their ...
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"Watch the shoulder"?

This is a basic piece of advice I was given early on, especially regarding boxers, who are particularly dangerous because they attack the brain and can end it in one, combination or blow. Essentially:...
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Is it common and expected that shifus give theory classes about stuff like TCM, meridians and joints?

I have practiced taiji for some time. I also practiced shaolin styles for some time. However, when practicing stuff like sparring I feel I could do it better if I understood stuff like traditional ...