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In grappling, restraining an opponent with their shoulders pinned to the ground. Also known as hold-downs or osaekomi-waza.

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Why is a "scarf hold" so-named if you don't wrap around the opponent's neck (like a scarf)?

Judo's kesa-gatame is often translated as "scarf hold", but the technique is defined by wrapping your arms and upper body around uke's neck and arm, more like a seatbelt, as opposed to wrapping around ...
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Are arm-triangle chokes legal in Judo?

When holding an opponent in kata-gatame: by applying pressure to one side of their neck with their trapped shoulder, and the other side with your enclosed arms, you can apply an arm triangle choke, ...
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Is the crucifix a valid osaekomi-waza?

The IJF in 2013 (and the Kodokan in 2017) recognised two new pins as valid osaekomi-waza in competition: uki-gatame, and ura-gatame. I have seen the term ura-gatame refer to two distinct positions: 1....
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What is Uki-gatame?

In 2017 the Kodokan recognised 3 new osaekomi-waza classifications: Osaekomi-waza Notes ura-gatame Historically has referred to multiple pins, but in modern use refers to a hold with tori's back to ...
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How are pins classified in Judo?

A number of changes have been made to Kodokan osaekomi-waza classification over the years; how are different pins distinguished in Judo?
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Is there a pin in Judo that cannot be classified as a standard pin?

I was recently inspired by this question: Do pins in judo have to be standard pins? The answers given are obviously correct as the Judo definition of a pin is a lot more loose than what the question ...
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Is the North-South choke legal in Judo?

From a kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame position one can apply the North-South choke. This can be finished with the arm in the hold (as in an arm-triangle position), but I have most often seen it ...
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When/why was the list of Kodokan Judo throws and ground techniques recently expanded?

Toshiro Daigo's book Kodokan Judo Throwing Techniques published by Kodanasha International, Tokyo 2005 lists 67 throwing techniques. As Daigo is the chief instructor at the Kodokan, I took this as the ...
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Body constriction techniques

Judo shime-waza comprises three types of technique: blood-chokes air-chokes body constrictions The most famous of the third type is the (competition-banned) do-jime, but it is also possible to ...
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Do pins in judo have to be standard pins?

If in judo we execute a pin that different from a "standard" Osaekomi-waza, but still pins the opponent on their back or puts enough pressure for them to tap out, does it still fully count for ippon? ...