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Questions tagged [positions]

Positions are relative to another person, as opposed to single-person stances.

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What simple gross-motor technique could I do from here?

In a self-defense situation against a bigger, stronger man that is intent on killing or gravely injure the defender, what could the next move be from the picture below (the attacker would be the man ...
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What is the natural position that a person normally falls in a violent encounter?

In any case that I or anyone else should be engaged in a violent encounter by any man in general, should he fall, what position would he most likely fall and what position would he naturally be when ...
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How to intuit an expected imminent move or strategy prior to an attack?

One of the benefits of experience, and even age, is familiarity with the types of attacks, the real world situations in which they arise, and how to forestall, defend, and counter. What information ...
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What Position to adopt if a car is speeding towards you?

I need help with a 'hit and run' scene I am writing for a book. My main character practices Martial Arts. He is about to be run over, he turns to face the oncoming car - what position would he adopt? ...
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How do martial arts relate to squatting?

From Gut: Throughout much of Asia, Africa, and southern Europe, people squat briefly over such toilets in a kind of martial arts or downhill skiing pose to poo. I understand the concept, but how ...
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How do I increase my flexibility to obtain a full lotus position?

I've just started Kung Fu a little over a week ago. I'm older (43), big (tall, and still slightly overweight), and haven't done any serious exercise in... well, longer than I care to admit. I feel ...
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An Ontology of Combat II [duplicate]

I've been thinking about creating an ontology of grappling/martial arts techniques recently. I know there are things like flowcharts for BJJ. Google directed me to this question: An Ontology of ...
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What should I do if I'm fencing stick-on-stick and we get stuck?

Somebody attacked my with a bat-like wooden stick. Fortunately, I have a wooden stick as well. He makes a lunge, but I parry it. We get stuck just like in all movies: What should I do next?
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Half guard bottom/top tips?

I am constantly getting stuck in the half-guard: on bottom - I cannot sweep/always get passed on top - I cannot escape the persons half guard to progress and pass Any tips/tutorials would be great ...
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When doing Aikido practice why should the attacker adapt to the defender?

I'm an Aikido beginner and haven't had many classes yet, so I hope this is not a stupid question. My teacher recently said that when we practice with someone then the attacker should adapt to the ...
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How to best maintain mount position

The title pretty much sums it up, I often have trouble maintaining mount, so much so, that i rarely even bother going to the position because i get reversed so quickly. This makes me miss out on ...
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