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氣 (qi, chi, ki) is a polysemous word, generally referring to a circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.

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2 answers

Is a dualistic perspective required to grasp nei gong?

I've started reading "Daoist Nei Gong" by Damo Mitchell, but I'm struggling with most of the concepts because I don't share the same metaphysical perspective. What prompted me to read it was ...
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Searching for martial arts called "ki-chun" or anything that can help in concentration and control

I'm currently reading the book "Pragmatic Thinking and Learning" by Andy Hunt. It mentions about this martial art that can help in concentration and control. The martial arts is called "Ki-Chun." ...
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Does the Energy "Chi" or "Qi" has more strength and cannot be refuted?

If in a martial arts tournament chi energy is used, will it be able to defeat big stalwarts like Ali/Tyson/bulky Wrestlers? I am not comparing the skill as to what like Karate/Kungfu or Muay Thai or ...
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Is chi kung just deep breathing?

Chi kung is supposed to be at the core of our style, but we don't cover it very much in class, for various genuine reasons. From what I gather, it is largely just controlled, deep breathing, from the ...
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What is a fast way for a beginner to experience qi unambiguously in their own body?

As discussed in What is Qi power and has it been proven to exist scientifically?, when no one can really agree on what qi is, the construction of a scientific experiment to verify it is rather ...
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What is Qi Energy? [duplicate]

Ive seen television programmes and videos of buddhist shaolin monks who perfom incredible techniques such as breaking iron bars with their heads, impaling themselves with spears, throwing needles ...
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12 votes
13 answers

What is Qi power and has it been proven to exist scientifically?

What is "Qi power"? Has it been scientifically investigated? How can we achieve this?
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