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A specific type of European, straight edged thrusting sword. This tag can apply to rapiers meant for war or fencing foils. Use this tag when your question involves this specific type of sword. If unsure, use swords tag instead.

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After receiving the mortal thrust, a swordsman deliberately impales himself on hostile blade, to return a blow (historical duels, small sword)

Was it often in the historical dueling with rapiers and small swords, that after receiving the fatal thrust, the mortally wounded swordsman would step further and deliberately impale himself deeper on ...
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Why are outside parries not used in rapier fencing?

In sport fencing, two of the most common parries are parry four, a middle line parry to the inside, and parry six, a middle line parry to the outside. Last night, I went to a rapier class and the only ...
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3 answers

Thrusting Targets in the Leg

In George Silver's Paradoxes of Defense he makes the following comment: And again, the thrust being made through the hand, arm, or leg, or in many places of the body and face, are not deadly, ...
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Sliding the Feet in Contact With the Ground

Some techniques in hapkido are practiced with a foot sliding along the ground or remaining in contact with the ground. For example, in a sequence we call a stepping pattern, it isn't uncommon to step ...
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Alexandre Dumas' Three Musketeers: 17th century French Rapier

In "Les Trois Mousquetaires", we have a lot of sword fights. We have a dozen different people who are described as really good sword fighters. What sword schools were active during the 17th century ...