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Questions tagged [relaxation]

Relaxation reduces physical and mental tension in the body.

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a relaxed and calm feeling after an intense practice?

okay so here how it goes: I did some punching and kicking practice. after that I took a shower and after that I suddenly felt a little different I was very clam and relaxed full of awareness. I felt ...
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What can I practice to remove tension from my movements

I'm a Wing Chun student and my Sihing regularly tells me that I shouldn't be so tense in all my movements. A lot of techniques in WC require smooth arm and leg movements to react to our opponent's ...
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5 answers

Relaxation Techniques

On training I hear all the time the world "relax" and "loose your self" etc. From what I have see you must be relax to do anything, from martial arts to dancing, to talk. So my question is very ...
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Shoulder Tension

Whenever I go into a fighting stance or do techniques I have a tendency to carry a lot of excess tension in my shoulders. Even when I consciously relax my shoulders, it'll be noted that I am "too ...
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Which muscles do I use to stand? [closed]

Standing naturally is REALLY HARD. Farmers spend their days bent to the earth, techno-people spend their days sitting at a desk, etc. The body adapts, and deforms, and loses its natural efficiency. ...
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