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Why is judo's Katame-no-Kata so free-form relative to Nage-no-Kata?

The first two kata taught in judo are Nage no Kata (throwing forms) and Katame no Kata (grappling forms). Here is also a second Katame no Kata video with different escapes for the first pin kuzure ...
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Was Bujinkan Ninjutsu practiced by ninjas in feudal Japan?

I have been quite a fan of Bujinkan Ninjutsu for a while now and in fact, been researching quite a lot about Ninjutsu and its history. Unfortunately, as I started researching more into Ninjutsu, I ...
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An Ontology of Combat II [duplicate]

I've been thinking about creating an ontology of grappling/martial arts techniques recently. I know there are things like flowcharts for BJJ. Google directed me to this question: An Ontology of ...
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Has anyone studied the demographics of martial arts?

On the way to the seminar this weekend, someone advanced the hypothesis that engineers are more likely to be attracted to aikido than to other martial arts. Has anyone studied this? Are there ...
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