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What usually happens when sambo fighters fight each other?

What we see with MMA wrestlers of similar ability, vis-a-vis the UFC, is that their wrestling tends to cancel-out each other out. This was the default behavior seen in: Covington vs Usman (1 & 2) ...
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Advice on finding Sambo seminars? [closed]

I like Sambo but unfortunately in my location I haven't found any available classes. Can someone advise an (affordable) seminar (week or week-end long) for all levels that is run somewhere in ...
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Why do Sambo fighters practice BJJ as well?

From what I see some Sambo fighters practice BJJ too, Khabib Nurmagomedov for example. Why would they do that?
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Does anyone know a good source of information about Sambo on the web?

I've seen some videos of Sambo, but I've never seen real practice. I've practiced some Aikido and BJJ. It looks like Sambo has some ground elements that might be similar to Jiu-Jitsu and some ...
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