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Self-defense or private defense is a countermeasure that involves defending oneself, one's property or the well-being of another from harm. Anything not related to a specific martial art, any hypothetical situations, and anything related to the law are off topic.

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What should I look for in order to develop self-defense skills as quickly as possible? [closed]

What should I look for in a school or training program that would indicate that I will develop self-defense skills very quickly? Does my body weight or height or any other physical characteristic ...
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What kind of damage can your hand get from holding the barrel of a fired gun when disarming it?

I have a background mostly in Krav Maga and ICS (Israeli Combat System), and one of the techniques taught for disarming a gun, involves grabbing the barrel of the gun and pushing it to the side before ...
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Which martial arts focus on self defense?

I'm trying to make sure I ask this question in a manner that doesn't make it subjective or argumentative. While all martial arts have merit, I believe those merits lie in various areas. Which ...
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How do you prepare for the stress of a real self-defense situation?

How do you prepare for a real stress situation, in which you are forced to defend yourself or others? I'm not talking about avoiding conflict, but a scenario where resolving the situation without ...
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32 votes
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Are there legal ramifications to being a trained martial artist? [closed]

One common urban legend that tends to be passed around from time to time is something along the lines of the following: Black belts are considered lethal weapons by the law! Which might also be ...
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Doing Miller's One-Step Drills

In Rory Miller's book Drills he talks about various "one-step" drills where you each get one movement at a time with a partner. This move can be either an attack or a defense, done slowly, and they ...

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