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Kung fu associated with the Shaolin monastery in China

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Is there a martial arts manuscript/record or technique using a glaive while on horseback?

As the title states, I want to know if there is a martial arts technique with a manuscript record (preferably in English with an image or a video explanation) that uses a glaive type sword while on ...
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What is the technical name for this movement performed by Master Wong in Birth of the Dragon?

I recently watched Birth of the Dragon on Netflix, and absolutely loved it. However, one particular movement caught my eye above all others, simply for the overwhelming appearance that something ...
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3 answers

Could a non-Buddhist person become a monk/master at Shao-lin temple?

I heard that Shao-lin is teaching Kung-Fu to foreigners who are non-Buddhist people. By learning Kung-Fu from Shao-lin temple, Could a non-Buddhist person become a master/teacher/monk at Shao-lin ...
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Can I learn martial arts at a Shaolin temple by helping out at the temple?

I have not learnt any martial arts. However, I believe if I were to attain a state of inner discipline and peace I need to learn the arts. Unfortunately, I work in India and my earnings do not allow ...
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2 answers

a foreigner like myself would like to be a disciple of a shaolin teacher?

I'm 17 years old in Australia and I want to dedicate myself to a shaolin Buddhist who`ll teach me the true way of a human, I do want to do some sort of kung Fu but I want to look up to a teacher that ...
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What do Chinese Kung Fu Instructors Look for in a Good Display?

When I look at a Japanese martial art I can tell the proficiency level of an individual by looking for clean movements that look the same each time they are performed. I can also look out for 'focus ...
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1 answer

Translators at the Shaolin Temple

I want to train in the Shaolin Temple for a year, but I'm afraid I won't be able to communicate there. So, are there a lot of foreigners training in the Shaolin Temple who speak English, Dutch, or ...
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1 answer

How can you keep "three feet on the ground" and still perform an effective kick?

During a brief interaction with a former Shoalin Kung Fu instructor, he told me some concepts about kicking in general that could help me improve them. He said that many Chinese martial arts teach you ...
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In which conditions can a foreigner be a Shaolin monk?

In which conditions can a foreigner reach the title Shaolin monk? Should they go to an institute, being in homeland and training at age 4-5? Is this title reserved for a dedicated group of people?
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3 answers

Was the Southern Shaolin Temple real and if so which location is valid?

We may never know the definitive answer to this one, but was hoping someone could shed some light in terms of educated opinions and/or factual evidence that points in a certain direction. Here's ...
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Can a foreigner train shaolin kung fu inside the shaolin temple? [duplicate]

I want to study Shaolin kung fu in China after i finished my school. My first choice is inside the Shaolin temple, but I don't know if that's possible as a foreigner. I would also like to know on what ...
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3 answers

When was the Southern Shaolin Temple destroyed?

Assuming it did indeed exist, when was the Southern Shaolin Temple destroyed? Personally, I've heard that it was possibly destroyed multiple times with the years (AD) 1646, 1647, 1674, 1732, 1901, ...
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2 answers

What is Qi Energy? [duplicate]

Ive seen television programmes and videos of buddhist shaolin monks who perfom incredible techniques such as breaking iron bars with their heads, impaling themselves with spears, throwing needles ...