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Physical shields used as armor for blocking or attacking

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How does Long Guard intercept weapon knock off?

Although longsword is also of interest to me, the focus of the question is sword and buckler duel scenario. To me the long guard with sword and buckler was taught event shorter and lower than in the ...
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Where can I learn about HEMA shields?

I've spent a some time searching for a manuscript that covers things like fighting with large shields like kite, heaters, tower, etc., but I can't find anything. Where can I learn about HEMA shields?
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Supplementary Asian arts for Modern Medieval Armored Combat

I am curious what Asain arts would have techniques that would be useful in Armored Combat League. Armored combat league is a combat sport done in armor promo vid with explanation: https://web.archive....
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Do Any Eastern Arts Use a Shield?

Are there any Eastern arts that utilize a shield with a sword or a spear?
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