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Questions tagged [social]

Questions related to the social aspects of practicing martial arts.

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How to deal with a judgmental instructor

Instructor behavior observed: Comparing students with each other Blaming students Insulting students Impulsive decisions Lack of discipline in teaching martial arts Going mostly spontaneous and with ...
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How to deal with a rolling partner who doesn't try

I realize that this is similar to other questions, but this isn't the same. This new guy just joined my gym, and was already a purple belt when he joined. Since I always try to roll with everyone at ...
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How to Deal with Talkative Training Partner

What is a good way to stop people from talking to me & correcting little flaws in my technique when I'm trying to concentrate on fixing larger flaws in my technique? I know that some gyms don't ...
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Black Belt - 2 Schools

My son attends a taekwondo school, who in my opinion is a diploma mill. I have seen many students with black belts who are lacking skills that are fundamental to earning a black belt. The dilemma is, ...
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Switching schools/styles - Is it disrespectful to ask about differences in technique?

I trained for a few years in one school, but have since moved away and have been looking for a new place to train (most likely in a different style). I know that there will always be differences in ...
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My instructor disrespected me or am I overreacting?

I have just started a Hwa Rang Do course in a very good martial arts school. The other day my instructor found out I'm a smoker. He first told me that smoking is a terrible practice and I should quit. ...
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Is it okay to dye hair?

Is it okay to dye your hair while in martial arts? I want to dip dye it a different color. I'm pretty high up and a few of the younger students see me as a role-model, and I don't want to dissapoint ...
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Conflict escalation management resources

I am looking for guidelines or sources of information regarding behavior patterns that prevent the escalation of conflict. It would be nice also to see some differentiation and analysis of conflict ...
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3 answers

How effective is practicing a martial art strictly outside of a dojo for beginners?

My girlfriend has expressed interest in learning one of the martial arts I practice with me, but when she has come to a class she has been very self-concious about being new and inexperienced (I've ...
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How can I respectful​ly raise concerns about class difficulty level/teac​hing style at my club?

I practice Taekwondo regularly with the club at my university. There are three main instructors, one 3rd dan and two 1st dan (my belt level). The club has a lot of black belts of varying degrees who ...
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