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Russian martial art based around relaxation and control without strict kata or form

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Why is Systema used for American secret agents training?

Following this article and the embedded video. We can see that American secret agents are trained to use Systema techniques. What is it? Why not Krav Maga for instance? As can be seen there are some ...
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Is there any Systema in John Wick 2?

The choreography was quite diverse, where Wick's style changed depending on his opponents' favored styles. The initial fight scenes involved the Russian Mafia, and the grappling had a different ...
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Systema: "Beyond the physical" force generation

I'm receiving the impression that Systema (or maybe just certain branches of it?) has some type of force generation by means of internal energy rather than muscles. However, while information on this ...
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What martial arts are similar to Systema?

I have been practicing Systema for about a year and unfortunately the school that I was attending closed down. There are no other Systema school anywhere within 100 miles of me. I am in love with this ...
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would this combo of MAs be well rounded or no? [closed]

What arts are the best complements to KM? Also, how do other combat systems like Systema complement Krav compared to most normal MAs?
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What is the strategic difference between Krav Maga and Systema?

What are the general tactics of Krav Maga as opposed to Systema? For instance, the tactics of Silat are to hurt the other person so badly they can't hurt back. Another example would be that the ...
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Are Systema and Pankration similar to each other?

Is Systema a modern version of Pankration? The ancient style is very loose in the rules. Except that for Systema, there are weapons included, it is also quite loose in restrictions and practical for ...
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