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How can I still get higher belt while I no longer attend my dojo

Once I am 18 years years old I will test for my 3rd Dan black belt in Tang Soo Do. After this, I will likely move up to Boston to pursue theoretical physics. However I want to continue martial arts. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What is this bo staff form, possibly from Tang Soo Do?

I studied Chun Kuk Do (formerly Chuck Norris Tang Soo Do) in the 1990s in Kentucky. One of the forms that we were required to learn (I think for my green or brown belt) was a staff form. I don't know ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Is there a publicly available syllabus of the Chuck Norris System (formerly Chun Kuk Do)?

I'm particularly interested in which forms (hyung?) are taught, and for which ranks they are required. I've clicked through most (but not all) of the schools listed on the UFAF page. Half of the links ...
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2 votes
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Under which Chinese teacher did Tang Soo Do's founder (Hwang Kee) study?

Wikipedia mentions the name as Yang Kuk Jin. I assume that this is some member of the Yang-style taichi. The best family tree I've been able to find for that is here: But I don't see any cognates of ...
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