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Is there a function of mythology, history, and oral history in martial arts?

Jian is my focus, and I get criticized for passing on “single drop of red”. This is because most people’s awareness of the concept comes though late 20th century wuxia, is a fantastical genre from its ...
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Why Are Traditional Martial Arts Apparently So Reluctant to Evolve?

This question admittedly contains a generalisation. There may well be traditional martial arts (especially particular schools/branches) that do seek to evolve and improve. However, it seems fair to ...
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What is the value in preserving traditional martial arts in the mixed martial arts era?

This question does not express an opinion. The author has reached some conclusions of his own, but feels it is a useful question for both those who remain dedicated to traditional arts and those who ...
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Contemporary Wushu vs. Traditional Wushu

There is some difference between older, traditional forms and the contemporary sport of Wushu, and there has been a great deal of evolution of the modern sport since the mid 20th century. What are ...
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Why do some students wear headbands during practice?

I saw that at some schools of some martial arts many of the students wear headbands. They seem to only be in certain martial arts (like Karate), and I would almost never see it in others (like BJJ or ...
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