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The practice of martial arts. How, what, where, when, why.

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How can I improve my hand's strength and form when performing a lead left hook in boxing?

I am practicing "American Boxing" I believe it's called. I have a very well-respected and experienced coach who has a seasoned amateur and professional record, and who has trained some ...
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How to Tie Martial Arts Headgear for Boxing, Muay Thai, etc

Does anyone have Step by Step instructions on how to tie boxing head gear? Enclosed below are two pieces. Can someone post 4-5 picture instructions on how to tie and lace properly? When it came out of ...
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Muay Thai: Halfway - pivot roundhouse kick

What is the name of the Muay Thai kick, where the person only rotates halfway on ball foot, and pivots less to not gain reaction from opponent? There was a name for it, if it was "axe kick", ...
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Is there an official hand mudras record?

I was trying to search for a matching hand mudra where just three fingers are touching the other hand with the others apart. I learned it along with a basic ground stance of maintaining three to four ...
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Graduations in kung-fu for kids?

I'm looking for graduations in kung-fu for kids. Something similar to the program of ABRSM in music or the judo-kan. I think there must exist a curriculum already in different schools and different ...
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Iron palm monster hand training

How do you get a hand like this? How do you achieve this goal? Which exercises do I need to do for making my hand like this? Thank you in advance!
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