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Questions tagged [tricking]

sport that combines elements from martial arts (kicks), gymnastics (flips and twists) and break dancing with the intent to exhibit flashy and complex movements.

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2 answers

Front and back flip at home

I am a Taekwondo student. I want to learn front flip and next back flip at home. I have two quilts at home. What are the requirements to practice those flips myself. Please specify any warm up ...
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3 answers

How to learn these movements?

I just watched this video: and I really want to learn how to do that. What's the name of these stuff? I'm 26 years old, is it possible to learn this? How ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Good shoulder roll from a dive

I am having trouble exercising a good roll when I start from a dive. I tend to roll towards my spine more than from shoulder to hip. It just seems impossible to roll more sideways while diving ...
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Which martial art is most closely related to parkour?

I've seen videos of extreme martial artists who can do some very amazing aerial stunts from a running, standing, sitting, kneeling, or even laying down position. I have also seen parkour videos of ...
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What are the origins of "tricking"?

My wife recently introduced me to the practice of "tricking" (essentially, a form of martial arts demo that focuses on jumps and acrobatic maneuvers - in some ways, the martial arts version of parkour)...
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