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Ultimate Fighting Championship, a mixed martial arts company

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How can I calm my nerves for my first professional fight?

Hey everyone I like to introduce myself my name is Rouzbeh Karimkhani, I've been doing Mixed Martial Arts training for nearly 13 years. I love all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts maybe not so much ...
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How do I get back into being an MMA Journalist?

First off I like to say I am an hardcore MMA fan. My name is Rouzbeh Karimkhani, I used to be a reporter for Mixed Martial Arts In Canada. I did this 15 years ago only as a passion. I would like to ...
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In the earliest UFC fights, why didn’t fighters punch Royce Gracie during / after Gracie’s double-leg takedown move?

I’ve been watching the old UFC 1, 2 … fights in which Royce Gracie uses his double-leg takedown to then mount his opponent, or to have his opponent on top — always taking the fight to the ground. Why ...
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Karate Stance fighters in MMA

Who are some prevalent UFC/MMA fighters that spar with an actual Karate stance, not just a little bit. Only one I can think of is Stephen Thompson. Resources:
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Why aren't more forms of deception used in MMA

Part of the reason I enjoy watching UFC is it allows us to witness combat sports evolve, which styles/techniques are doing well and what kind of counters tend to be most effective. While a lot has ...
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UFC fight rounds/distance

I have seen that some fights are marked as "3 Rnd + OT (5-5-5-5)". Does someone know what does it mean? It occurs only in some fights of the "The Ultimate Fighter" show e.g. in ...
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Was grappling actually underappreciated in the USA before the UFC?

A narrative I commonly see is that grappling was only widely appreciated in America due to the success of Gracie Jiujitsu in the first few UFCs of the 1990s. Supposedly, people expected boxing, ...
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What is the purpose of UFC fighters extending and retracting their lead hand? Why don't boxers do so, at least as much?

Based on my extensive experience watching some UFC fights on YouTube, this hand movement seems very common. All I can think of is it at least partially to keep the limbs moving and making it easier to ...
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Would a Pankration Fighter be allowed in UFC?

Would a Pankration fighter be allowed in the UFC? If so, how would he be able to fend off other foes who use Karate, Muay Thai and Krav maga?
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What does "submission (terror)" mean as method of winning or losing a fight in MMA?

I've been reading about the old days of UFC and came across a fighter named Joe Son. If you look at his MMA record on his Wikipedia page, you'll notice that listed under method for his losses are: ...
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What is the relative frequency of Muay Thai in the UFC vs. other fighting styles and why?

In the UFC, Muay Thai seems to be much more common than kickboxing, karate, or tae kwon do. Is this actually true, or is it just my perception? What's the relative breakdown of the styles? What are ...
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How did Jose Aldo lose so fast?

I know nothing about martial arts and I'm not sure this is the right board, but I recently read about the Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo fight which lasted only 13 seconds. How did Jose Aldo lose so fast?...
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MMA/UFC statistical analysis

Based on comments on this question, I am wondering if there is any meaningful statistical analysis of kicking/punching vs grappling in MMA? Hopefully said analysis will detail which arts are used in ...
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