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Questions tagged [weight]

Martial arts may be divided into weight classes. Use this tag for questions about weight classes or differences in mass. For questions about lifting weights, use weight-lifting.

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Average height of competitors for each weight category in Judo?

It can be difficult to gauge whether you are in the 'right' weight category, i.e. whether you should stay around the same weight, try and lose some fat to drop a weight category, or try and gain some ...
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How to defend a shoulder charge?

This question is similar to this one but looks at a more specific scenario. This question also refers to an everyday/street situation, not a controlled bout, and assumes the opponent is bigger/heavier....
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What scientific basis is there to support that our centre of gravity should be the yongquan?

According to Damo Mitchell's Daoist Nei Gong, most people's centre of gravity is the heel, while a four-legged animal's body weight goes through the legs into the front part of the foot only. We "...
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Is weight class related to injury risk in combat sports like MMA or boxing?

I have a hypothesis that damage resistance (ability to handle destructive impact without damage) is not related to the ability to deliver destructive damage (as a function of body mass) in ratio 1:1 (...
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What would be the best form of martial arts for a bigger guy? [closed]

I am 6”3 and 256 pounds, I played sports my whole life so I’m not fat but I do have a few extra pounds on right now that I just started working on losing again. After I get down to 230-240 I wanted to ...
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I'm overweight and rather young, and I want to lose a bit. What should I do?

It took me nearly four years to get a black belt in Taekwondo but it ultimately still felt like I'd achieved nothing. Yeah, I can fight against people my age, but I still felt a little overwhelmed by ...
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Can a 60kg fighter fight in the heavyweight bout in boxing or wrestling?

In boxing and in wrestling, only the upper weight limit is given in Wikipedia and other sources that I have found. This would mean that a flyweight fighter can compete in the heavyweight division and ...
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Which martial arts exercise helps to reduce weight?

I am almost 100 Kg or 220 lbs. My height is 5 ft 9 inches. I do everyday gymimg for almost 70-80 mins. Can anyone suggest me some videos or links which combines both weight loss along with getting ...
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Technique identification in a wrestling match

Please refer to the following video: as can be seen, the smaller man wins. What technique does he use? Where can I find more information about it? Generally, are there any additional techniques/ ...
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What are the best techniques to fight with a heavier and stronger rival

Many martial arts as well as practical methods such as Krav Maga claims to have the answer for difference in weight and size. However, even in competitions the experts have to be in the same weight. I ...
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Boxing - how to make a blunt "charging" of a heavier opponent, unaffordable for him?

Title is self-explanatory: what would be the best tactic to effectively punish an otherwise notably inferior opponent with, say 20% more strength and volume, who tries to make his way into close-range ...
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Can a Judo athlete compete in more than one weight class in the Olympics?

I am specifically speaking about the London 2012 games. I am not asking if any athletes are doing this, just whether it is technically permitted. Wikipedia says nothing, but this was allowed in ...
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Dropping weight before a MMA fight

In wrestling, we would drop a kg of water weight the night before and call it good. In MMA it is typical to drop between 4-6kg in the months before a fight. One issue I have is that I put on muscle ...
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