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The incorporation of weighted resistance training for the purpose of maximizing strength, power, endurance, and mobility in the martial arts.

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Is my training good for martial arts?

I practice kickboxing and panantukan for about 6 months twice a week, during those months, I go to the gym 5 times a week, on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday I do strength training for 1 hour, like bench 65 ...
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Adjustable dumbells instead of Chi Ishi

I've been trying to practice the Hojo Undo exercises as part of my karate training. I've been following a book (Art of Hojo Undo) for this and have found it useful especially the makiwara and nigiri ...
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Aikido and Bulking Up?

How can one bulk up with lean muscle and do Aikido? Aikido is a martial art in which while being relaxed (read: compliant) joints are stretched, twisted or hyperextended, so joint and ligament ...
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Does weight and muscle power really impact punch power and kick?

My weight is 63kgs and height is 5'7" (170 cm). I practice wing chun at home (I rarely have an opponent to practice against). Sometimes, I feel my punching power could be better. To increase my punch ...
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Only one ankle weight when kicking

If you attach ankle weighs to your both legs, the weight attached to the one standing on the ground actually helping it stay firm in the ground, and when you remove both weights your kick will become ...
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How to improve speed, strength and condition for Kyokushin karate?

I'm practicing Kyokushin karate, however I want to develop some muscle (weight training), speed and conditioning (punching tree, training shins too). And then there are the katas, very important. ...
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Training supplement to Muay Thai

I recently joined Muay Thai classes and am thoroughly loving it, but the class is held only thrice a week. After going through this post I realized that I going to class thrice a week is the minimum ...
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Is weight training useful in martial arts?

This may sound like a bit of a daft question, but I have heard and read different sides. On the one side, people say weight training will increase your strength and power and therefore will be ...
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Best weight lifting exercise to develop a Wing Chun chain punch

What would be some good exercises to develop more power in a Wing Chun chain punch? Is it as simple as working on my triceps?
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