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Thanks for help on gum guards dentures, been self conscious about asking in a gym, lost most of my top teeth in an accident, n only have four bottoms and partial plate, won't stop me scrapping anyways, csbt keep an angry dog down.. 😂😂


I people don't mind an answer from a college A&P professor. First thing to know is that there are two parts to answer. If you are asking if the biceps Brachi is used by the punching hand when the punch is going out then the answer is no. Think of the exercises that make your biceps sore, they are pulling in. But the size in general does aid in power ...


Been training MMA, boxing, Muay Thai for a couple years. I feel like leaning is an extension of hip flexibility, power and (for lack of a better word) snappiness. Great dodge is a combination of: head movement, footwork and the hip lean that you seem to be describing. I think that it all comes together. Moving your head out of the way seems like a head ...


If there's one thing I've learned from watching lots of UFC/MMA - it's that it is one of the most exciting sports because anyone can beat anyone. Why? knocking someone out is just one good punch away. If this guy had a natural talent for clocking people on exactly right spot: on their jaw line with a great straight striking technique or accurate haymaker, or ...

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