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It depends on the teacher, but generally the answer is no, it's not disrespectful. The best teachers I've ever known had no problems with students training under other teachers. Many, if not most, even encouraged it. That said, you should ask your instructor first before doing anything. Maybe phrase it like this: "Hey, I'm thinking of taking classes under ...


When I was doing Doce Pares escrima in California about 10 years ago, my instructor taught it to us as knife-hand strikes for 1-4, straight fist punches for 5-10, a hammer-fist blow for 11, and either a punch or a two-finger poke for 12. 7 and 8 were outliers in that the movement was different with it being a straight strike rather than a looping one. He ...


From the bits of Escrima I've done, there's usually a set of drills - "Heaven 6" and "Earth 6", you can do them with a partner or do the forms by yourself. Doing those will get your comfortable with moving both hands at the same time. Mostly the trick is that you have to learn the movements to maneuver the weapons around your arms without hitting yourself ...


I once used an elastic pipe. It's extremely cheap, can be cut to the proper length and you can't accidentally hurt yourself with it, even without protective gear. Another good option is a rubber or maybe wooden knife on which you put chalk along the edge. This way you will definitely notice a cut.

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