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It is not harmful to close your eyes when you train! That said, traditionally one should train with the eyes open (I speak of the Yang-Style, I don't really know about Chen-Style but I presume it's the same). This has to do with Yee (awkwardly translated to "intention") and Yee is closely related to the eyes. In sitting meditation, most of the ...


Given how common Tan Tui drills are, that's probably what you were doing. It's from the Long Fist (chang quan) lineage: Tan Tui sets are used to teach basic footwork, stances, and strikes. It's given to beginner students usually before moving on to full forms. There are typically 12 of these that are performed, ...


My first reaction is long fist (chang quan), which is generally taught first in modern wushu. This position is not exclusive, however, so there are other possibilities as well.

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