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Should pole standing (zhan zhuang) be on front or back of the foot?

I'm not an expert, but there's a discussion on weight distribution here that suggests that the weight should be balanced uniformly. Keep the center of the feet (Yongquan points) lifted lightly and ...
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Should pole standing (zhan zhuang) be on front or back of the foot?

Basic Your knees should be bent, and your weight centered over the arch of your foot, which is near the center. This places weight on both the ball and heel of the foot. One goal of zhan zhuang is ...
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Is a dualistic perspective required to grasp nei gong?

There is nothing that anyone can claim about anything which does not manifest. If it doesn't manifest, how can anyone observe it in order to know anything about it? You can hold a qigong pose and feel ...
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When doing qi'gong form of four-square breathing, does one visualize the microcosmic orbit or something else?

The breath is a aid to drawing Qi, when thinking about the breath you are focusing on the internal movement of Qi. The movements work better with the greater heavenly orbit, also called the ...
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