Japanese modern martial art, combat sport, and Olympic sport of throwing, pinning, choking, and locking; developed by *Kano Jigoro* in 1882.

"The gentle way", a Japanese martial art and Olympic combat sport that focuses on throws, chokes, pins, and armlocks. Practiced in a gi.

A philosophical preference is given to the ippon (full-point win), due to its decisive nature. Throws which are hard, fast, and controlled count for ippon, as do pins held for twenty-five seconds, choking the opponent unconscious, or making the opponent give up by way of armlocks or chokes.

  • Ju - gentle or pliable, yielding.
  • Do - way or path, lifestyle.

Judo is derived from feudal Japanese jujitsu, in particular the Kito Ryu and the Tenshin Shinyo Ryu. The style was founded by Jigoro Kano in 1882 as a method of physical, mental, and moral education by amalgamating the various existing jujitsu schools and exponents.